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Improving DAM In 2017 And Beyond: Reminder For Contributions

January 9, 2017 Industry News

Last month, I posted a request for contributions to an article series Improving DAM In 2017 And Beyond.  This is a reminder to anyone who has considered writing something that the deadline for submissions is just under three weeks away: “I invite those who have an interest in Digital Asset Management to write an article explaining how […]

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DAM Foundation Closes Down

January 6, 2017 Industry News

A few different people have been in contact with me about this news and for anyone who has not yet heard, according to their website, the DAM Foundation has ceased operations as of yesterday, 5th January: “Thanks to everyone who has participated over the last seven years. Special thanks to the community members who have actively contributed and […]

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Understanding Why DAMs Are More Like Libraries Than You Realise

December 9, 2016 DAM For Librarians

Denzil Ford of DAM vendor, MediaValet has contributed a feature article to DAM News entitled: Why Do We Call DAM A “Library” For Digital Assets?  The piece speculates that the description of DAMs as being like ‘libraries’ is more accurate than many might realise and, as such, understanding the true nature of the comparison is key to grasping the potential of […]

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Improving DAM In 2017 And Beyond: Call For Contributions

December 8, 2016 Industry News

Over the last few years, I have written a number of articles commenting on DAM innovation and how it seems to have become stuck in a rut and has not really moved forward a great deal (at least in a way which is tangible). Having talked to a number of people (both on the sell and buy-side […]

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DAM Vendor Updates – Focus Moving Towards Integration & APIs In 2017

December 2, 2016 Vendors

DAM integration and application architectures seems to have been getting more attention recently from vendors, both in terms of direct connections to specific non-DAM platforms, but also API modifications and changes to the underlying architecture of DAM solutions. First up is this blog post from Asset Bank.  They sent me details of their Sitecore integration […]

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Digital Assets: The Raw Materials Of Digital Transformation

November 29, 2016 Digital Asset Management Value Chains

Earlier this month, CMSWire ran an item by Dom Nicastro which was a write up of a presentation given by Meghan Walsh.  The presentation has some very insightful points, for example: “Walsh said she had to determine if managing Hilton’s digital assets was the same act as managing its content. It wasn’t, she said. The company […]

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Brandworkz Update To Version 8.0

November 18, 2016 Vendors

DAM vendor, Brandworkz, have recently announced a major release of their flagship product of the same name.  This is the press piece from Hari Walters, Head of Product at Brandworkz: “We are very excited to share our biggest release to date with our clients. The aim is to enhance user experience in line with the first […]

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DAM Directory Metadata Standards Guide

November 11, 2016 Industry News

Deb Flanslow, one of the maintainers of the DAM Directory, has written an article describing the recent addition of a metadata standards section to the guide: “So many standards, so little time! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to browse the most common metadata standards in use across the DAM community when brainstorming data points […]

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Deaccession Policies: Practical Methods For Dealing With Data Hoarding Dilemmas

October 27, 2016 Data Management

Writing on his Tame Your Assets blog, Ian Matzen published an article last week: Are You a Digital Asset Hoarder or a Digital Curator?   The thesis of the article is that defaulting to a ‘never delete’ policy for managing your digital asset collection is not an optimal strategy because of the volume of low-value material that get […]

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