Facebook’s Rights Manager for Images: A Bitter Pill for Viral Content?

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic aggressively reclaiming it, the word ‘viral’ had adopted an altogether different meaning in our lives.  The phenomenon of a massively shared video or image is now commonplace, from twitter-storms to Instagram memes, the regurgitation of a particular image with innumerable same-but-different variations of (what the …

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‘Instagram Act’ Sees Law Change For Orphaned Works In UK

Despite several previous attempts to protect orphaned works from use without their owner’s permission, new legislation has recently been passed in UK parliament that will enable organisations to use photographic or any other creative works for commercial or non-commercial purposes and without their owners’ permission as long as a “diligent …

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Orphan Works ‘Land Grab’ By The Public Sector Now EU Authorised – Thin End Of The Wedge For IP Owners?

According to the The Register yesterday, EU ministers have approved legislation that will allow public sector organisations, including libraries, museums and universities to use so-called ‘orphan works’ (intellectual property such as photographs where the owner cannot be identified)

Under the terms of the new Directive the various public bodies

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Canon Image Authentication Code Cracked By Russian Software Company

Russian password cracking experts, ElcomSoft have cracked Canon’s method of authenticating that images taken by their cameras had not been tampered with (i.e. to prove they were original unmodified images).  As reported on The Register:

The entire image verification system is proved useless,” ElcomSoft CEO Vladimir Katalov said in

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