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Below we present a list of some other recommended sites that cover Digital Asset Management and related subjects on the web:

Adobe Blogs

While clearly all taken from a vendor’s perspective, the Adobe blogs provide a mine of useful information for anyone involved in DAM or media production of any kind.

Another DAM Blog

Henrik DeGyor’s blog about DAM.  One the earlier DAM-specific blogs.  Also includes a number of podcasts with various people associated with Digital Asset Management.

Borrowed Insight

Romney Whitehead’s personal blog.  Romney is a professional Digital Asset Manager for an on-line retailer and has been involved with DAM since 2000.  This blog contains her thoughts and opinions on DAM-related subjects.


Includes a dedicated section about Digital Asset Management as well as other related topics.  Probably the pre-eminent web publication about content management in general.

Collections Trust

Collections Trust publish a free guide for museums who plan to integrate DAM into their CMS (as in Collections Management System).

Controlled Vocabulary

For those looking for in-depth information on Controlled Vocabularies, David Riecks’ site offers the best coverage on the web.

DAM Coalition

Createasphere’s DAM community offshoot.  Features articles and news about DAM, especially notable for the in-depth pieces contributed by David Riecks.

DAM Directory

Collated by Deborah Fanslow and Emily Kolvitz, this is an extensive resource covering links to a wide range of DAM related sites.  If you want to go to one place to find all there is to know about DAM on the web, this is a good start.

DAM Glossary

The DAM News Digital Asset Management Glossary was first created by DAM consultants, Daydream and subsequently donated to DAM News in February 2013.  Also noteworthy is the glossary.

DAM Guru Program

A scheme for connecting DAM subject experts (‘Gurus’) with those looking for advice about DAM (‘Newbies’).  This is sponsored by Picturepark but is vendor neutral.

DAM Learning Centre

Extensis have prepared a dedicated site with information for those planning a DAM system.


DAM Survival Guide

The blog of the book written by David Diamond.  Although David works for Picturepark, this is vendor neutral and contains lots of useful information for those working on a DAM initiative.


Andrew Manone’s blog about using DAM for media production purposes.

Produced by Widen.  Although maintained by a vendor, the information provided on setting up DAM solutions is covered in the right amount of detail and readers will be able to obtain useful pointers from this resource.

Henry Stewart

The original DAM conference event organiser.  Runs various DAM related conferences in London, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.


A DAM learning materials resource list – along similar lines to this page, but more structured according to the type of information offered (rather than alphanumerically sorted).  This is maintained by DAM vendor, Picturepark but apart from a slight bias towards their own material, it is vendor neutral and heavily focussed towards educational resources.  The #LearnDAM hashtag is also being actively promoted to help filter DAM learning related links on social media also.

Mod Librarian

Tracey Wolfe’s blog about  taxonomy, metadata, cataloguing, digitisation, search, social media, intellectual property and content curation.

Open Source Digital Asset Management

A dedicated resource about this fast growing area of DAM from the same team as bought you Digital Asset Management News.  Includes short reviews of various open source dam systems.

Photo Metadata Project (

The information and advocacy site that aims to educate both photographers and photo distributors about metadata.  This resource photo-centric, but nearly all the information can be applied to more general DAM requirements also.

Tame Your Assets

Ian Matzen is a researcher with an interest in DAM and metadata.  This is his blog where he posts a variety of articles on DAM related subjects.  The content is both in-depth and well-written.

The Information Professional

Emily Kolvitz’s blog about information management, DAM, preservation and metadata.  Emily is a professional digital asset manager and archivist with an academic background.  The documents on her separate profile site relate to Information and Knowledge Management topics.

Tim Strehle

Tim Strehle is a DAM system software expert his blog contains a variety of articles that discuss DAM technical and usability issues plus a number of related subjects.


If you have a resource that you believe would be of use to other Digital Asset Management News readers, please use our contact form.  While we accept submissions from vendors, please note that your links must contain more than just commercial sales promotion for your products and have information that will have wider value.

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