Mark-Up Vocabulary Mapped To The Web Intents Specification

Writing on the site, Jennifer Zaino describes how and the Web Intents specification are mapping terminology (Vocabulary) from to the Web Intents specification.  She quotes from Michael Hausenblas of Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), National University of Ireland, Galway:

With we have a way to

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Semantic Web: The Key To More Meaningful Large Scale Digital Asset Management?

In this ReadWriteWeb article, Chris Lamb discusses how relevancy has increased significantly in importance over and above the news ‘containers’ of the past (e.g. newspapers).  He considers some emerging technologies that might help people extract more meaningful content.  One point he raises is that current applications are inadequate:


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SKOSsy Dynamically Generates Thesauri: Automated Controlled Vocabularies A Real Possibility?

SKOSsy is a SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organisation System) which generates thesauri dynamically in English and German.  SKOSsy uses DBPedia  which is an independent project to extract structured data from Wikipedia.  It’s important to point out that SKOSsy produces ‘seed’ thesauri which still will need some clearing up using a thesaurus …

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