Review Of Video Transcoders and Encoding Products For Video Asset Management has posted a review of various commercial transcoding and encoding tools.  They cover hardware, software and cloud based tools, including the following:





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Online Video Platform Buyer’s Guide & Enterprise Video Streaming Pitfalls has a buyer’s guide to Online Video Platforms (OVPs).  The distinction between OVPs and DAM systems is a pretty fine one if your candidate DAM is anything but a low-end commodity solution, however, the considerations described in this article are still fairly important for anyone who will deal with …

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Adobe Acquires Auditude: Integrated Video WCM/DAM Opportunity Or Another Potential Failed Acquisition?

Adobe, owner of both Day Software and Scene 7 DAM/ECM vendors announced yesterday that they had bought up Auditude, developers of a video advertising platform:

Adobe also plans to integrate Auditude with the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, which consists of integrated analytics and optimization products to collect and unleash

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