Video DAM Webinar: 4th April, 12pm (CST)

One of our featured DAM vendors, Widen, are running a webinar devoted to Video DAM on 4th April 2012 at 12pm US Central Standard Time (CST).  The presentation will be lead by their in-house video expert, Al Falaschi and (wisely on this occasion) it sounds like the Widen sales/marketing people will take a back seat while Al is given an opportunity to educate the audience about:

  • Codecs and bitrates
  • What should make it into the DAM system?
  • How on-the-fly file conversions work

This is taken from the Codecs section:

No single video format works across all browsers and devices—but your audiences aren’t about to make excuses for you or switch devices and browsers when your video content isn’t viewable right away. You’ll learn how getting a handle on the significance of bitrates and codecs can help you use your DAM software to ensure your video always works where, when and how you need it to.” [Read More]

You can directly register for the webinar at

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