Why DAM Is Essential For Successful Modular Content Strategies


Ed Breault of DAM solutions provider, Aprimo, has recently contributed a feature article to DAM News on the subject of Modular Content.  The item contains some valuable points, in particular why a modular-content optimised DAM solution is so important:

Modular content is an enabler for content operations, but

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Understanding Modern DAM Scalability Challenges and How to Deal With Them

When the topic of scalability in DAM implementations comes up, many tend to think of it in terms of quite straightforward quantitative metrics, for example:

  • How many digital assets a DAM system can hold.
  • The number of concurrent users supported.
  • Delivering high-bandwidth assets like videos to a global audience.
  • How
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Blockchains For Content DAM: From Myth To Reality

On our features section, I have written article: Blockchain And Content DAM: Myth, Reality And Practical Applications.

Recently, I have read a few articles which make some critical remarks about blockchain for DAM.  There are some reasonable points advanced, however, there are also misunderstandings and myths about what

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The Role Of Microservices In Digital Asset Management

Martin Wilson, of Asset Bank has contributed a feature article to DAM News: How Microservices And Cloud Services Are Changing DAM.  In the item, Martin describes what Microservices are, their recent upsurge in popularity and how they are likely to change the DAM software landscape quite significantly:


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Using DAM To Distribute Digital Assets To Social Media Platforms

DAM News contributing editor, Ralph Windsor, has written the second part of his feature article on Social Media and how it can integrate with DAM through the DAM Value Chain:

Ralph considers some of the main issues with the use of an organisation’s digital assets:

  • Verifying asset suitability and
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Aproove Collaboration & Proofing Webinar, Aug 14, 9am ET (2pm UK, 3pm Europe)

DAM integrator, IO Integration are hosting a webinar about ‘Aproove’ – an approvals and collaboration tool they resell (and presumably integrate with the other DAM solutions they offer).  The webinar sounds like a general introduction:

Ideal for agencies, brand managers, marketing departments, and printers as well as centralized service

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