Aproove Collaboration & Proofing Webinar, Aug 14, 9am ET (2pm UK, 3pm Europe)

DAM integrator, IO Integration are hosting a webinar about ‘Aproove’ – an approvals and collaboration tool they resell (and presumably integrate with the other DAM solutions they offer).  The webinar sounds like a general introduction:

Ideal for agencies, brand managers, marketing departments, and printers as well as centralized service providers, Aproove is an instant online approval solution that delivers everything you need to enable 24/7 proofing, collaboration, document access, and signoff. Aproove integrates smoothly into your existing website or DAM solution, and it offers an easy-to-use interface that simplifies and streamlines document review, annotation, and approval.” [Read More]

The direct sign-up link is: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4165206583573492224

IO Integration have more details about it on their site.  Here are the key features:

  • Online reviewing for all your team members, clients, partners, and collaborators.
  • Annotate high-res documents with real-time zoom and markup tools.
  • Use workflow tools to simplify complex job approvals and automate common production tasks and file processes.
  • Lightweight and secure architecture to smoothly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

The Aproove’s own site has more details.

Under normal circumstances, we don’t tend to give vendor product webinars a lot of coverage on DAM News because they’re usually not that interesting to most readers unless you’re likely to be a prospective customer (and we would have to be featuring about ten per week to give everyone a fair shot).  This is a little different, however.  For a start, the product is designed to work in conjunction with multiple DAM systems  – and we have been saying for some time that is overdue that vendors started to choose their battles more carefully rather than fighting it out with everyone else for everything.  The other reason is that this appears to be a potential alternative to ConceptShare – who have had a decent amount of coverage on these pages already.  Just because we think the DAM product market is over-crowded doesn’t mean that competition within the ancillary tools sub-sectors isn’t a good thing; some choice and ‘creative friction’ between the various players should help keep everyone in check and improves the effectiveness of the wider DAM market as a result.

I am not sure about all the features of Aproove and how they stack up with ConceptShare – I will need to attend this webinar myself to see what the similarities and differences are.  However, if you are a DAM vendor (or just interested in online approvals) and were thinking that ConceptShare was the only off-the-peg option on offer, this webinar might be worth checking out for a bit of fresh perspective on how to solve the approvals and collaboration problem in your own solution.

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