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Search Usability: Ask Why Users Search To Enhance ROI From Enterprise Search Technology

John Brunswick writing on the Enterprise 2.0 blog encourages implementers of enterprise search to consider what problems users are trying to solve when they carry out searches using Enterprise Search technology.  Using the analogy: “Why Lance Armstrong doesn’t ride a mountain bike”, John makes the point that too much emphasis …

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Dialog Launch New Search Service

Online information services provider, Dialog, have recently announced the launch of their new search service, ProQuest Dialog, a service intended for pharmaceutical and biomedical researchers in corporate and government organisations.

“The first release of ProQuest Dialog offers subscription-based access to databases from some of the world’s most trusted publishers ,

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Keywords To Avoid In Emails – Results Of Lehmans Brothers Investigations

Johannes Scholtes writing on the Zylab blog presents some interesting discussions about e-discovery technology and how it has been employed by investigators to search through over 4 million emails authored by failed investment bank, Lehman Brothers. In particular, he describes how specific keywords were used to isolate potentially incriminating evidence:…

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Risks of Managing Licensed Content For Enterprises

On the Digital Landfill blog, David Seuss of Northern Light discusses 8 risks of managing licensed content across an larger enterprise organisation.   The risks are:

  1. Cumbersome and complex research environment
  2. Employees miss relevant content when performing research
  3. Unauthorised employees gain access to the content
  4. Financial exposure related to unauthorised
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Content Analytics Engines To Replace Simple Search

A recent survey conducted by the leading information management research organisation AIIM has revealed that businesses could derive far greater returns from content analysis tools than basic search tools.

“Over 70% of respondents in AIIM’s survey would find advanced content analysis functions “Extremely useful” or “Very useful.” They rate their

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