Improving DAM In 2017: Creating The Conditions For DAM Innovation

Martin Wilson from Asset Bank has contributed a feature article for our Improving DAM In 2017 article series with the title: Creating The Right Conditions For Innovation.  In the piece, he discusses some of the reasons why DAM innovation has stalled (or at least slowed significantly) and suggests various developments which might get it re-started once more, from both a technical architecture perspective, but also in terms of mindset and vendors being willing to take on more risk to gain a competitive advantage:

The products available now are fundamentally very similar to those on offer 15 years ago. Back then I remember describing a digital asset management application as  ‘a searchable database of digital files’. That’s still a pretty accurate one liner.  This may be about to change. It feels like the DAM industry is poised for a big shakeup, driven by rapid changes in the wider software development industry.” [Read More]

This is a great article and strikes the right balance between understanding the mechanics of implementation and why this is important in the first place.  As with Ricky Patten’s contribution, I am not sure I entirely agree with everything he suggests (for example, whether the DAM industry is on the edge of a shake-up or not) but these are debating points, not that the premise of them is flawed.  This is the kind of constructive discussion that needs to occur in our market, rather than vendors and consultants banging out paint-by-numbers content marketing articles about DAM and people like myself telling everyone how awful it all is (as if anyone needs it pointing out now).

I gather there are a few other contributors who have been working on articles for this series.  Anyone else who plans to contribute something also, should please contact us via the form on the DAM News site, message me personally on LinkedIn or email me (the address is on the about page).

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