Interview with Mark Hilton

The latest participant in our DAM News Interview series is B Mark Hilton, founder and CEO of Santa Cruz Software – a US company offering a collection of DAM vendor tools and web-to-print templating solutions.  As a former Vice President of Product Management for Adobe’s Creative Suite, Mark has over 30 years of experience working in senior executive business, product and marketing management roles, primarily in the ePublishing, Digital Media and Enterprise Content sectors.  As a champion for Adobe’s early DAM technology, Mark was instrumental in the development, deployment and adoption of the XMP metadata standard.

Santa Cruz Software are also making waves as one of the few vendors offering DAM and cloud storage connectors for Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office.  LinkrUI allows creatives to access their digital assets from within their applications, no matter where they’re stored, and without disrupting their workflow.

Creatives just want to use their creative tools. They don’t want to bounce from interface to interface. With our solutions, they can find the specific asset that they’re looking for, right within Photoshop or Illustrator or InDesign or Premiere or After Effects. LinkrUI provides that solution right within their favorite Adobe application. They can search using metadata; they can drag and drop; they can accurately track changes and make updates from linked assets; and then they can save directly back to the DAM. That’s an incredible value for the creatives. It becomes an even greater value to the enterprise that uses the DAM since the enterprise can know all of their valuable assets are being managed effectively within the DAM that they’ve invested in.”  [Read More]

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