Interview with Gregg Guest from FADEL

The latest participant in our DAM News Interviews series is Gregg Guest, Vice President of Product Management at licensing, rights and royalties solutions provider FADEL.  Gregg has over twenty years’ experience working with IP rights, licensing and brand management across multiple fields, including technology innovation, product development and marketing.  With an impressive resume that includes Director of Special Projects at Marvel, and interests that include music, acting and screenwriting, Gregg’s creative and technical expertise in DAM and the digital content lifecycle is obvious from this insightful, engaging and thoughtful interview.

You can use DAM for a lot more than digital asset storage, so thinking of it in terms of extensibility is helpful. It takes extra time and extra resources, but putting thought in upfront is really what is going to make it successful. This approach has led to my biggest DAM successes. When I worked at Marvel, I implemented a workflow system, not just a DAM. It was a place to capture and store digital assets but it was also a place to provide a workflow around the lifecycle required for those assets, which at Marvel happened to be brand assurance. From a FADEL perspective, our biggest success is that we’ve extended the entire DAM marketplace to be able to plug digital rights management—a complicated matrix of data sets that goes beyond the paygrade of a linear metadata field—into any DAM in the market.”  [Read More]

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