Interview with Maxwell Mabe

The latest guest in our DAM News Interview series is DAM vendor Aprimo’s Vice President of Product Marketing, Maxwell Mabe.  With an impressive track record working for brands such as Apple, Adobe and Cloudinary, Max’s skillset covers a broad and diverse range of digital product and marketing management disciplines.  Max provides some background information about his route into DAM along with some engaging insights into the future of DAM and how awareness of its public profile has grown due to an increased need for digital content coupled with an explosion in emerging AI technologies.  Max also offers up some wisdom on user adoption and the dangers of rushing into a DAM initiative without sufficient planning.

In my career I have seen any number of businesses rush into DAM with no real understanding of the importance of having a plan. The excitement is real and understandable however just dumping thousands of assets into the DAM without proper planning will lead to very poor ROI in the immediate short term. The process does not have to be complex, seek out a DAM professional to help you get off on the right foot, start small, test and tune.”  [Read More]

You can read the full interview at the link below:


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