How DAM Can Save You Money – Finally A Non-Zombie DAM Infographic

Many DAM vendors have recently been copying each other’s marketing strategies by promoting these ROI Infographics that claim to tell you exactly how much money a ‘typical’ DAM can save without any real basis in fact or plausibility.  My co-contributor made the comparison with ‘zombie vendors’ a few months ago

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Using Metrics In DAM And Related Technologies To Optimise Marketing Operations

ConceptShare, who have been busy signing up swathes of DAM vendors to re-sell their approvals system by integrating it into their DAM solutions, have provided a case study written by their boss, Nish Patel, Improve Process and Performance with Creative Operations Metrics.  Case studies can often be turgid …

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Buying Corporate DAM Systems – A Manager’s Guide

DAM News editor, Naresh Sarwan and contributor, Ralph Windsor have written a whitepaper aimed at corporate managers who have the complex task of managing the Digital Asset Management system purchasing process.

Having been involved in many procurement exercises for DAM solutions as both vendors and in a purchasing advisory

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DAM Vendor Selection – Time For A Change?

DAM consultants, Daydream, have written a blog post where they consider the role of Digital Asset Management selection consultancies and offer some advice to purchasing managers.  They consider 5 areas where vendor selection consultants can potentially arrive at decisions that are not necessarily to the benefit of their clients:

  • Charging
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