SharePoint 2013 Public Beta Released – What Are The Implications For Users And DAM Vendors?

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced the public beta of SharePoint 2013 (along with announcements about Office).  This developer’s overview has some more useful info about what to expect and covers a few different areas:

  • Cloud App Model
  • Familiar programming model using web standards
  • Development tools
  • Core platform enhancements
  • Mobility
  • Social
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SharePoint Online or On-premise? Seminars From ICS Solutions

Microsoft SharePoint consultancy, ICS Solutions, are running a series of seminars addressing popular issues with SharePoint 2010 throughout late summer/autumn 2011.  Topics include: ‘SharePoint Online or On-premise: Which is right for you?’, ‘What you need to know about Collaboration and Social Computing with SharePoint 2010’ and ‘How to get control …

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Department Of State 2011 SharePoint Conference, Washington DC, May 16, 2011

The Department of State 2011 SharePoint Conference: “Share the Power!” starts on Monday (16th May) in Washington DC (USA).  The conference has 30 speakers and the keynote from Dux Raymond will cover:

  • Gaining buy-in for SharePoint projects from senior managers
  • Identifying and prioritizing SharePoint business benefits (ROI)
  • SharePoint planning and
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