Tag Suggester For SharePoint 2010

German SharePoint extensions vendor, Layer 2, have introduced “Tag Suggester” for SharePoint 2010.  The tool assists users with the process of tagging and categorising object in SharePoint.

Tag Suggester provides a range of content-based suggestions while tagging, analysing terminology taxonomies and metadata to present prospective relevant options for the user. The product includes an additional suggested list of tags, context sensitivity, categorisation rules, and full SharePoint integration.

A free shareware version is also available to test the product prior to purchase:

While manually tagging or categorizing items and documents in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 using the new managed metadata column, the Tag Suggester for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 automatically offers a set of appropriate content-based category or keyword suggestions, depending on the term store taxonomies and managed metadata, tag rules, item and document properties and metadata, information store context and textual document contents. By default SharePoint 2010 offers an auto-complete feature only.” [Read More]

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