The Value Of Digital Assets From A Collections Management Perspective

Ricky Patten, of Australian DAM resellers and consulting group,  DataBasics has written an in-depth article about digital assets and their relationship with museum Collections Management, with specific reference to the SPECTRUM specification established by Collections Trust.

In my experience, the reasoning behind an organisation implementing a DAMS

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Digital Media Collections: Archivists Need To “Take Control” Back From IT

Joshua Ranger writing on the AudioVisual Preservation Solutions blog discusses how “Digital Media Collections Are an IT Problem But Not an IT Solution”.  The essence of Joshua’s post is that while archivists must collaborate with IT professionals to enable digital collections to be established, it is the archivists who should …

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Demystifying Digital Preservation Systems: ALA Annual Conference, New Orleans, 26th June, 2011

The American Libraries Association (ALA) are hosting a presentation on “Demystifying Digital Preservation Systems” as part of the ALA 2011 Annual Conference on Sunday 26th June (the conference runs from 23rd – 26th).

Distributed, hosted, and cloud storage are now viable options to incorporate into our digital preservation management

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