Analysing The Intrinsic And Extrinsic Value Of Preservation Digital Assets

Annella Mendoza has contributed another feature article for DAM News: High Value Digital Assets And Migration.  This item applies the definition of digital assets that I offered on Digital Asset News last month, in particular the concepts of intrinsic and extrinsic value:

In the course of conducting business, some organizations eventually produce or acquire digital files. Digital technology is now commonplace, and therefore it is equally important to know the nature of digital files or digital objects and how they are best handled or managed. As digital files accumulate in the possession of an individual or an organization, a process of selection and assigning value takes place, whether it is done intuitively or consciously using set rules. The value attached to digital files is a major characteristic which can turn these files into performing assets.” [Read More]

By dissecting digital asset value intrinsically and extrinsically it is possible to get a more complete understanding of where the value lies and therefore, how best to manage the asset so the value is preserved (and ideally enhanced).  This is another great piece from Annella and it is encouraging to see that people in the DAM community are able to make use of these ideas to develop superior digital asset management strategies (which is the main reason why DAM News exists as a publication).  Annella’s last article about metadata and findability was very well received by readers based on the public feedback as well as private messages sent to me and I have no doubt this will be equally popular.

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