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Below are the special feature articles we have published in DAM News.

March 2023

OpenAI GPT-4 image input support: 6 ways it’s a game-changer for DAM

Dan Huby of Montala (provider of ResourceSpace) takes a look at the latest version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform, and how leveraging its support for image input has the potential to provide numerous benefits for DAM.

Headless DAM: Why It Is Relevant for Omnichannel Commerce?

Dietmar Rietsch of Pimcore explores the various benefits of Headless DAM, including scalability, efficiency, and improved interoperability.

November 2022

An Introduction to the SimpleDAM API Protocol

Ralph Windsor introduces the SimpleDAM API protocol and provides some background to what it is and where to find out more about it.

October 2022

The Implications of Generative AI for Digital Asset Management

Ralph Windsor examines what implications Generative AI might have for Digital Asset Management and how DAM solutions could be enhanced by it.

July 2022

Why Resilience and Flexibility are Critical Factors for Successful Enterprise Digital Asset Management

Ralph Windsor discusses the recent so called ‘revolving door’ phenomena in DAM implementations where vendors get replaced far sooner than originally anticipated because their platforms lack the attributes necessary for long-term success.

The DAM Software Market’s Customer Acquisition Problem

Ralph Windsor examines the recent trend for funded DAM vendors acquiring independent firms and wonders if the market really is consolidating or if something more expedient is occurring.

June 2022

The Rise and Demise of Facial Recognition in DAM

Martin Wilson explores how the usefulness of facial recognition technology for DAM applications may have been restricted by recent privacy and data protection legislation.

Rebuttal: The Rise and Demise of Facial Recognition in DAM

David Tenenbaum presents some counter-arguments to Martin Wilson’s article about the limitations of facial recognition that have been imposed by data protection legislation.

March 2022

The Rise of Open SaaS and its Implications for Digital Asset Management

Dan Huby discusses the concept of Open SaaS and what it means for DAM.

February 2022

DAM is the Keystone to Modular Content

Ed Breault explains how Modular Content is an enabler for content operations and why a DAM with native support for the concept is so important.

October 2021

DAM Scalability Challenges – The Digital Asset Supply Chain

Ralph Windsor discusses potential DAM scalability issues in-relation to Digital Asset Supply Chains, as well as techniques to resolve them.

August 2021

Will Synthetic Stock Content Save DAM?

Mark Milstein examines the role of synthetic content and its implications for DAM

July 2021

The Future of DAM and AI

David Tenenbaum discusses a new paradigm for  searching DAM systems without using human-entered metadata.

March 2021

Four Tips for Smoother Digital Asset Management Implementations

Ralph Windsor presents four recommendations that increase the likelihood that DAM initiatives will be successful.

January 2021

Attributes of Effective DAM Vendors in 2021

Ralph Windsor examines the numerous challenges and opportunities for DAM vendors in light of emerging supply chain and delivery model trends.

Copyright Concerns Following Brexit – A Changing Era of DAM?

An article exploring the post-Brexit copyright landscape and its implications for DAM and beyond, from Fotoware’s CEO Anne Gretland.

October 2020

The End of The ‘Roy of The Rovers Era’ In The DAM Software Market

An article discussing the gradual trend towards increased professionalism in the DAM software market.

August 2020

A Simple Technique For Cloud DAM Customisation Without The Need For Unique Instances

Ralph Windsor describes a straightforward method to allow Cloud DAM systems to be customised for individual client users without the need to create separate custom editions.

April 2020

The Implications of Covid-19 For The DAM Industry – Part 1

In the first of this two part article, Ralph Windsor examines the implications of Covid-19 for the DAM sector, including comparisons (and differences) with the 2008 financial crisis as well as the  fundamentals which might come into play as lockdowns being to end.

The Implications of Covid-19 For The DAM Industry – Part 2

In the second of this two part series, Ralph Windsor considers more of the effects of Covid-19 on the DAM market.  In this piece he examines whether DAM Lite will return, the threat from Dropbox, the role of Digital Asset Managers and the likely impact on what remains of on-premise DAM.

March 2020

Re-Visiting Pure and Applied Digital Asset Management

Ralph Windsor reprises the debate over Content DAM vs Content Management and considers whether the wider field of DAM may need to divide into what he refers to as Pure and Applied Digital Asset Management.

IEN Third Annual DAM Practitioners’ Summit – Breakthrough Solutions for the Management of Enterprise Digital Assets

Jeffrey Marino reviews the IEN DAM Practitioner’s Summit held in New York earlier this year.

February 2020

How to Accelerate your Ideas to Market through Product Asset Management

Alan J. Porter, Director of Product Marketing at Nuxeo investigates the role of DAM in Product Asset Management (PAM).

December 2019

Why People Really Are More Important Than Technology In Digital Asset Management

Ralph Windsor considers the underlying commercial reasons why people are the most important element in DAM.

October 2019

The DAM Team

Annella Mendoza explores the roles and responsibilities of DAM team members in a concise and practical guide to DAM deployment and change management.

September 2019

Confessions of a DAM Vendor

Kevin Groome discusses the numerous ways in which DAM can fail to live up to its ROI expectations and how to avoid some of the more common traps.

July 2019

What Roles Are Required For DAM Vendor Selection Teams?

Ralph Windsor and Charles Russell assess the type of staff who need to be included in DAM vendor selection exercises.

June 2019

Subconscious and Conscious Data: Where AI & Machine Learning Could Create Genuine Value for DAM

Ralph Windsor proposes an alternative approach to generating value from AI for DAM using the concept of subconscious and conscious data.

May 2019

Henry Stewart DAM NY 2019 Attendee Feedback

Ralph Windsor asks a number of DAM experts who attended the Henry Stewart New York DAM Conference for their feedback about the event and also invites them to consider a number of other topical DAM discussions.

April 2019

Building a Business Case for a DAM Solution

Charles Russell and Ralph Windsor consider the issues that DAM users need to consider when assembling a business case to get funding for a DAM solution or wider DAM initiative.

Interview With David Diamond – Part 1

In the first part of this series, Ralph Windsor, Editor of DAM News, interviews David Diamond, author of The DAM Survival Guide, founder of the DAM Guru Program and former Marketing Director of DAM Vendor, Picturepark.

Interview With David Diamond – Part 2

In this instalment, Ralph Windsor asks David whether he thinks that the characterisation of vendors as being the ‘villains’ of the DAM world is fair and also whether the role of partners is increasing or declining.

In Frame Time Based Descriptive (IFTBD) Metadata

Peter Flood explains the concept of In Frame Time Based Descriptive (IFTBD) Metadata.

Interview With David Diamond – Part 3

In the third instalment of his interview with David Diamond, Ralph Windsor asks him whether the DAM market has ceased to innovate, what he thinks of Dropbox and also his take on DAM Lite.

February 2019

Review – IEN (Insight Exchange Network) DAM Practitioners’ Summit 2019

Jeffrey Marino presents an overview of the Insight Exchange Network DAM conference held in New York at the end of January 2019.

2018 DAM Vendor Pricing Survey

The 2018 DAM Vendors Pricing survey is the only study of vendor pricing available in the Digital Asset Management industry.  A sample of vendors provided pricing indications for five unique scenarios from graphics studio through to enterprise (along with a control ‘average’ system) and the results are collated and discussed with an analysis section as well as figures.  This report is over 7,500 words and contains 35 charts and diagrams.

December 2018

Trends in the Current DAM Market and the Implications For 2019

Ralph Windsor assesses the DAM market in 2018 and discusses what the prevailing trends might mean for 2019.

November 2018

Using Professional Services Partners For DAM Implementations

Ralph Windsor discusses the different professional services partner models used for DAM implementations, the risks of each and offers some advice on how to manage them.

September 2018

Attributes of Effective DAM Consultants: DAM Initiative Lifecycle Expertise

Ralph Windsor continues the feature article series on the attributes of effective DAM consultants by considering a consultant’s ability to work across the entire DAM initiative lifecycle.

Leveraging Intrinsic and Extrinsic Value: Understanding Why Successful Digital Businesses Are Cash Rich

Ralph Windsor proposes that successful digital businesses are cash rich because they are better able to leverage both their intrinsic and extrinsic value and that referring to them as ‘digital asset businesses’ would be a more accurate description.

August 2018

Attributes of Effective DAM Consultants: Experience

Ralph Windsor opens this feature article series on the attributes of effective DAM consultants by examining the role experience has to play.

June 2018

Understanding DAM System APIs: A Primer For Non-Technical DAM Users

Ralph Windsor provides non-technical users with an overview of the issues surrounding APIs and how to decode some of the terminology that is used about them.

April 2018

Re-Architecting The DAM Software Market For Longer-Term Sustainability

Ralph Windsor considers potential solutions to the issues discussed in the preceding article about homogenisation of DAM technology and business risks to the DAM sector.  This article is the second part of the series.

Is The DAM Software Market Sleepwalking Into Becoming A Digital Sharecropping Business?

Ralph Windsor discusses the homogenisation of DAM technology and the business risks from building on top of larger cloud technology platforms like Dropbox in the first of a two part article.

January 2018

The DAM Difference: Filename vs Metadata

Spencer Harris discusses the benefits of using proper filenames for digital assets and provides some examples

Bynder’s Orbit Product Review Update

Spencer Harris reviews Bynder’s Orbit DAM solution and the updates made to the product since its public release in September 2017

December 2017

Blockchain And Content DAM: Myth, Reality And Practical Applications

Ralph Windsor describes how blockchains could be used for improved interoperability and digital asset supply chain management as a consequence

November 2017

Blockchain Is The Transactional Internet – Not The Internet of Money

Ralph Windsor examines why blockchains are better described as the Transactional Internet rather than the Internet of Money.

October 2017

Combining AI With Digital Asset Supply Chain Management Techniques

Ralph Windsor examines some options for using digital asset supply chains in combination with AI to generate better automated metadata.

September 2017

High Value Digital Assets And Migration

Annella Mendoza examines the concepts of intrinsic and extrinsic value in digital assets and applies it to digital preservation.

Bynder’s New Platform Hasn’t Quite Made It Into ‘Orbit’

Spencer Harris reviews Bynder’s Orbit free Content DAM system.

Blockchains: Catalysts For Innovation In Content Digital Asset Management – Part 1

Ralph Windsor discusses the innovative role Blockchains could have for Content Digital Assets in the first of this two part article.

Blockchains: Catalysts For Innovation In Content Digital Asset Management – Part 2

Ralph Windsor follows up with the second part of this series by describing both some example alternative uses of blockchain technology and how Content Digital Asset Services Exchanges could improve innovation and interoperability in Content Digital Asset Management.

August 2017

Why Bitcoins Are Digital Assets Rather Than Cryptocurrencies

This article by Ralph Windsor was first published for Atlas Pulse in April 2016 and discusses why digital assets rather than cryptocurrencies is a more suitable term to describe bitcoin and related assets.

Defining Digital Assets

Ralph Windsor examines the term ‘digital asset’, breaking down its various definitions and what exactly it means in a DAM context.

July 2017

Enterprise Discontent With Current DAM Solutions And The Impending Future Of Digital Asset Management

Ralph Windsor describes current issues with content-oriented DAM solutions and the impact that application delivery innovations might have on the DAM market.

June 2017

Metadata And The Findability Of Assets

Annella Mendoza discusses the significance of metadata and why it is integral to the adoption of DAM solutions by users.

May 2017

Finding Signs Of Life In DAM: Interoperability 1.0

Ralph Windsor continues this series of articles by discussing DAM interoperability and describing the foundation of a potential interoperability protocol as well as a method by which some progress could be made towards its development.

April 2017

Finding Signs Of Life In DAM: The Role Of Integrated Digital Asset Supply Chains

Ralph Windsor follows up the first article in the ‘Finding Signs Of Life In DAM’ series with an analysis of how digital asset supply chains could be optimised to help solve the relevant metadata problem in DAM.

March 2017

Finding Signs Of Life In DAM: Diagnosing What Has Gone Wrong

Ralph Windsor, DAM News editor offers an opinion on why DAM is being described as ‘dead’ and discusses the role of digital asset supply chains and interoperability as potential sources of a solution.

Improving DAM Interoperability In 2017

Tim Strehle of Digital Collections and Margaret Warren of ImageSnippets discuss the issues facing DAM interoperability initiatives and consider how these might be addressed.

The Digital Asset Transaction Management System – A Time Machine For Digital Assets

Ralph Windsor, DAM News editor offers a requirements specification for a digital asset transaction manager that enables the review and modification of the previous state of digital assets

February 2017

Digital Assets From IoT To Blockchain Will Become Everyone’s Business

Medhat Mahmoud discusses how digital assets will increasingly touch everyone’s lives and the implications this has.

Should DAM Be More Like Facebook?

Denzil Ford of MediaValet proposes some ideas to allow DAM interfaces to achieve higher levels of user engagement by utilising principles from social media platforms.

Creating The Right Conditions For Innovation

Martin Wilson of Asset Bank discusses why innovation has stalled in DAM and what thought-processes need to be employed to restart it again.

Improving DAM In 2017: Better Ways To Engage With Your Vendor

Ricky Patten of DataBasics kicks off our Improving DAM In 2017 series with this article containing some recommendations for engaging with DAM vendors in a more effective and conscious manner.

December 2016

Why Do We Call DAM A “Library” For Digital Assets?

Denzil Ford of MediaValet discusses the DAM as library analogy and observes that (as with libraries) there are more dimensions to DAM than just being stores of content.

July 2016

Snapshots Of The Past, Present & Future Of Social Media + DAM

Denzil Ford of MediaValet discusses the role of DAM in Social Media  and asks if the human aspect is at risk of being made subservient to the technology

How Microservices And Cloud Services Are Changing DAM

Martin Wilson of Asset Bank discusses the increasing role of Microservices and their relevance to Digital Asset Management.

AI For DAM: Reliability, Liability And Risk Management

Ralph Windsor considers the reliability of AI technologies and discusses who has liability for them if they fail.

April 2016

AI In DAM: The Challenges And Opportunities

Martin Wilson of Bright Interactive discusses issues with AI technologies in relation to Digital Asset Management and proposes some solutions to resolve them.

March 2016

Re-Defining The Meaning And Scope Of Digital Assets – Part 2

Ralph Windsor concludes the second of this two part article series.

February 2016

Re-Defining The Meaning And Scope Of Digital Assets – Part 1

Ralph Windsor examines the different meaning of the term ‘digital assets’ and considers the changing the value proposition of DAM.  This is the first of a two-part article.

January 2016

Appreciating The Value Of Digital Assets: Understanding The Potential Of DAM In 2016

Ralph Windsor describes how innovation might be restarted in DAM by re-examining the value generated from digital assets.

What Does 2016 Hold For DAM?

Hassan Kotob, CEO of North Plains asks if DAM’s ‘moment in the sun’ has arrived?

December 2015

DAM Analytics: A Smarter Approach to Creative Marketing

Libby Maurer, product manager at Widen, considers the need for deeper analysis of asset usage in DAM using some example scenarios.

November 2015

Document Assets In Digital Asset Management Solutions

Ralph Windsor discusses the role of document assets in DAM systems and some different methods for handling them.

September 2015

DAM Student and DAM Professor Combine Forces for DAM Good

Deb Fanslow discusses the new Special Library Association DAM Section.

June 2015

Why Interoperability Standards Are So Critical To The Future Of Digital Asset Management

Andreas Mockenhaupt, Director of Professional Services for Canto discusses the OASIS sponsored standard, CMIS4DAM.

April 2015

DAM Guru Program Members Respond To DAM Innovation Slump

Ben Smidt collates responses to our “What’s Holding DAM Back series” published in February this year.

Who Needs a DAM Librarian? Part IV: The Rise of the Information Professional

The final part four of Deb Fanslow’s article series: Who Needs a DAM Librarian?

March 2015

Artificial Intelligence & Metadata Cataloguing: Advice For Digital Asset Managers

Ralph Windsor discusses the role of AI techniques when applied to digital asset cataloguing and offers some best practice advice and recommendations.

February 2015

Part three of Deb Fanslow’s article series: Who Needs a DAM Librarian: An Open Cover Letter

Part one of the ‘What’s Holding DAM Back’ series by Jeff Lawrence: What’s Holding DAM Back: The Customers
Part two by David Diamond: What’s Holding DAM Back: The Vendors
Part three by Ralph Windsor: What’s Holding DAM Back: The Media

December 2014

Part two of Deborah Fanslow’s article series: Who Needs a DAM Librarian: Information Professionals: A Field Guide

Anna Cotton from Brandworkz discusses how simplicity is the key to success for effective DAM: DAM Simple: How To Select The Right Digital Asset Management System If You Are A Marketer

November 2014

Devising Strategies For Consolidating DAM Solutions Using A Service Oriented Model

Ralph Windsor analyses consolidated DAM solutions and considers an alternative, service-oriented approach.

October 2014

Who Needs a DAM Librarian? Part I: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

Deborah Fanslow responds to David Diamond’s call for librarians to be more forthright about the benefits they can bring to DAM initiatives.

August 2014

The Broken IT Analyst Market And Evaluation Options For Cost-Conscious DAM Buyers

Ralph Windsor assess the impact NetScout’s lawsuit against Gartner and considers methods that cost conscious DAM buyers can use to self-evaluate DAM products.

June 2014

External DAM Hosting – The Questions You Should Be Asking

Dan Huby of Montala discusses potential risks with external hosting and methods that can be applied to mitigate them.

April 2014

DAM Good? Yes, It Can Be! – How To Make Users Love Your Digital Asset Management System

Neil Monahan of Brandworkz, discusses how to enhance the usability of your DAM system and therefore generate a higher ROI.

February 2014

Digital Asset Management And The Politics Of Metadata Integration

Ralph Windsor examines the political and technical issues with DAM integration requirements and considers some methods of mitigating them.

January 2014

How To Avoid Wasting Your DAM Budget: An ROI Oriented Approach To Digital Asset Management Implementation

Ralph Windsor provides an alternative approach to evaluating DAM ROI which is more credible than many quantitative techniques which DAM ROI infographics are frequently based on.

November 2013

The Digital Asset Management Specialisation Debate

Ralph Windsor considers the DAM specialisation debate, including topics such as DAM platforms vs dedicated applications.

August 2013

In the second part of this article, Ralph Windsor examines how DAM systems currently get used to distribute assets to Social Media platforms and how a value chain model might change that.

DAM Value Chain: Social Media – Part Two

July 2013

DAM Value Chain: Social Media – Part One

Ralph Windsor assesses the role of Social Media and how it relates to DAM and the DAM Value Chain.

Making It Big In DAM

A feature article by Ralph Windsor that first appeared on DAM Coalition about scaling up DAM implementations.

June 2013

How To Encourage All Your Employees To Use Your Digital Asset Management System

Brandworkz discuss some strategies for getting users to engage with your Digital Asset Management or Brand Asset Management portal so they can become evangelists for your brand.

Preparing For Digital Asset Management

A feature article by Ralph Windsor that first appeared on DAM Coalition about activities to carry out before a DAM implementation is commenced.

May 2013

Resolving The DAM UX Paradox

Ralph Windsor discusses how interoperability and specialisation by vendors could be applied to resolve usability conflicts between different types of DAM users.

Configurable Workflow Systems

Remko Noteboo, Co-Founder and CTO, Southpaw Technology considers the ‘industrialisation’ of Digital Asset Management and the potential for streamlining  content production processes.

Become A DAM Superhero

David Diamond discusses what is required for managers to circumnavigate potential DAM implementation pitfalls so they can becomes DAM Superheroes for their organisation.

April 2013

DAM Vital Signs – Performance Review Techniques To Enhance ROI

Ralph Windsor discusses various user feedback, auditing and review methods to improve the ROI obtained from your DAM systems and satisfy the needs of your users more effectively.

March 2013

Interview with David Diamond about DAM Guru

Ralph Windsor interviews David Diamond about the DAM Guru Program.

An Introduction To DAM Findability Techniques

Ralph Windsor summarises some advice for enhancing the findability of your assets.

A German translation of this article has been provided by Ilka Martin: Eine Einführung in DAM Auffindbarkeitstechniken


The DAM SaaS Survival Guide – Protecting Yourself From Risks When Using Hosted DAM Systems

Nick Broookes and Ralph Windsor provide some risk mitigation recommendations for prospective DAM SaaS users

Whitepaper: Buying Corporate DAM Systems

DAM News editors, Naresh Sarwan and Ralph Windsor offer managers a guidance document with best practice principles for DAM system procurement.

January 2013

Considerations For DAM And Collections Management Convergence Projects

Ralph Windsor discusses DAM and Collections Management projects for museums and cultural or heritage organisations.

The Digital Asset Management Value Chain: The Future Direction Of DAM In 2013 And Beyond

Naresh Sarwan and Ralph Windsor examine the Digital Asset Management Value Chain concept and what it may for the future of DAM.

September 2012

Big Data And The Integrated Future For Small DAM Systems

Ralph Windsor discusses Big Data and how to assimilate it into your Digital Asset Management strategy.

August 2012

The Inhumanity Of DRM

David Diamond, author of the DAM Survival Guide and Marketing Director of Picturepark considers whether DRM is a self-defeating concept which DAM vendors are aggravating the worst effects of partly because of  a lack of interoperability between competing solutions.

June 2012

Proxy Files As Functional Metadata: Their Changing Role And What It Means For the Future Of DAM

Ralph Windsor considers the changing role of the proxy file in DAM solutions.

January 2012

Digital Asset Management Predictions For 2012: DAM Technology

We consider the state of DAM technology in 2012.  This is the second part of our feature article about DAM in 2012.

Digital Asset Management Predictions For 2012: The DAM Industry

We offer some predictions for how the DAM industry will develop in 2012.  This is part one of a two part article.

June 2011

10 Myths About Open Source Software

Ralph Windsor discusses some myths about open source software.

January 2011

Digital Asset Management Predictions For 2011: DAM Technology

Our predictions for the technological developments that will affect DAM in 2011.

December 2010

Digital Asset Management Predictions For 2011: The DAM Industry

We outline our predictions for the DAM industry in 2011.

Wikileaks & The Financial Crisis: Lessons For Managing Risk With Cloud Hosted DAM

An article by Ralph Windsor which originally appeared on the Daydream website about managing risks with Cloud DAM.

March 2010

The Inconvenient Truths of Enterprise Digital Asset Management

A about the complexity of deploying DAM solutions into enterprise IT environments which originally appeared on the Daydream website.

July 2009

Open Source Digital Asset Management Software: Why Freedom Doesn’t Mean Free

A post about open source software by Ralph Windsor originally appearing on the Daydream website.

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