DAM Vital Signs – Performance Review Techniques To Enhance ROI

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This special feature has been written by DAM News contributing editor, Ralph Windsor.


This article is about yielding more ROI from your DAM system by reviewing how it is being used, identifying and examining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The objective is to gain insights so you can make better informed decisions about prioritising any subsequent investments into your DAM strategy.

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One comment

  • Ralph,
    Great article and insight into usage metrics to be tracked and analysed.
    and here’s my suggestion for the follow-on article. With all the Cloud-based DAM systems what are the metrics to track and monitor in terms of System Usage? I want to monitor health and performance of system in the Cloud what are the key performance indicators? we are working through many, what systems, conditions, compute consumption and performance metrics to track and monitor for DAM in the cloud and what are the threshold levels for good health and best practices… As DAM becomes more service-oriented want to be able to make sure system is delivering value based on meaningful metrics.
    As always keep up the the great work!!!
    John P.

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