Why ECM Strategies Are Not Good Enough For Modern Digital Asset Management And What ECM Interests Should Be Doing About It

This month, CMSWire have been running various articles on whether there is still a need for DAM. The subject title is no doubt deliberately provocative and intended to get participating authors to think about the DAM in a bit more detail and challenge a few of the common assumptions …

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ECM – The ‘Big Stuff Management’ Software Fallacy And What Clues It Offers For The Future Of DAM

On Fierce Content Management, Ron Miller speculates that Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is more of a name than a real solution:

I’ve been thinking lately that no company can truly claim to be an enterprise content management vendor because there are so many types of content out there

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EMC And Box.net Announce Partnership Agreement For The “Post-PC Era”

More evidence of Enterprise and Cloud vendors getting friendly is the recent partnership between Box.net and EMC announced yesterday at EMC world.  Given that Box.net recently managed to secure the services of former EMC CMO, Whitney Tidmarsh, this looks a lot like defensive manoeuvring on the part of EMC who …

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Integrating Content With Enterprise Processes

In this Digital Landfill blog article, Brian Dirking discusses 8 points about integrating content with your enterprise processes:

  • Differentiate based on the relative importance 0r value of content.
  • Decide how to cross reference content in multiple systems (including intentional duplication).
  • Siloed content presents a risk when users are forced
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Content Management: An A-Z Of Top Tips

CMS Report features an A-Z listing of top tips for delivering and using Content Management solutions effectively.

“Whether you’re scanning files for historical reference, providing information access via a customer portal, or are in the midst of enterprise-wide process automation, there are standard steps you should take that will help

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Control vs Usability: Managing The Balance Between User Engagement & User Management

Rob Gray (from Google’s Enterprise division) discusses the trade-off between user control and usability in this Enterprise 2.0 blog guest post:

One of the biggest problems with “systems of control” such as most records management systems, is that they have been designed for records managers, not end users. The

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Six Tips for Managing ECM Change

Jom Thumma, writing for CMSReport.com describes six tips for managing the organisational changes bought about by implementing ECM solutions:

  • Assess change readiness
  • Communicate the reasons for change
  • Develop concrete plans
  • Reveal how changes will affect employees
  • Present a united front
  • Manage resistance

Change management planning revolves around a specific,

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