EMC And Box.net Announce Partnership Agreement For The “Post-PC Era”

More evidence of Enterprise and Cloud vendors getting friendly is the recent partnership between Box.net and EMC announced yesterday at EMC world.  Given that Box.net recently managed to secure the services of former EMC CMO, Whitney Tidmarsh, this looks a lot like defensive manoeuvring on the part of EMC who may be concerned about the prospect of Box.net’s stated intent to challenge traditional vendors in the Enterprise market gaining momentum (and their ‘anti-Sharepoint’ market positioning providing some common purpose).

Rick Devenuti of EMC was on-hand to deliver the spin:

EMC and Box are enabling our customers’ journey to the cloud—taking the user experience for accessing, sharing and collaborating on enterprise content to a new level. We’re pleased to launch this next phase of Enterprise Content Management, which squarely meets the demands of the new user in this Post PC era.” [Read More]

Aaron Levie of Box.net was a little more pragmatic in his summing up:

We’re excited to work with EMC to accelerate cloud adoption in the world’s largest enterprises by connecting their content management infrastructure to the cloud.  These solutions are at the forefront of a major transition in enterprise IT, as vendors will increasingly need to work together to create powerful, open solutions that bring customers the benefits of cloud-enabled software without disrupting their existing systems and processes.” [Read More]

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, as they say.

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