5 ECM ROI Myths

Brian Lincoln of DocuShare, writing on the Digital Landfill blog discusses 5 myths about the ROI that can be obtained from implementation of ECM systems.  He answers each of them with  very short single paragraph case study to illustrate how each of the points is false:

  • Removing paper from business process doesn’t save much money
  • ECM ROI is mainly associated with reducing paper consumption
  • ECM ROI can be accounted for in advance of implementation
  • Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) are only good for printing and copying
  • ECM is only useful to help organisations achieve regulatory compliance

Some of the points are a little skewed towards the document management component of ECM (which is understandable given the author’s background) but the points are succinctly put and may prove useful to those seeking to establish a tangible ROI case for an ECM implementation:

Time is money! Organizations that effectively use their workforce, technology and innovation can improve customer service, decision making and quality of goods and service. Leveraging an ECM solution can drastically cut the time it takes to get work done, freeing employees to focus on more important, revenue-generating or core organizational activities.” [Read More]

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