2e2 Holds Customer Data To “Ransom” – How Safe Is Data Held With An Externally Hosted Provider?

Computerweekly report that distressed data centre service provider, 2e2 who are currently in financial administration are requiring their customers to provide £1m (approx $1.5m) in funding to allow ‘uninterrupted access to their data’:

While administrators have asked 2e2’s 20 enterprise-level users to pay most of the datacentre costs, smaller

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Becoming “Litigation Ready” By Proactively In-Sourcing eDiscovery

The ZyLab blog features an article on becoming “litigation ready” using eDiscovery tools and techniques.  The basic premise of the post is that it is better to be proactive about potential litigation threats by having brining your eDiscovery process in-house.  The author recommends marshalling all your data across email, SharePoint, …

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Improving Cloud Storage Performance

Many organisations are considering moving their storage facilities to the Cloud to take advantage of the enhanced scalability opportunities.  However, the problem is that the connectivity available to most companies is inadequate for this to be a usable alternative when compared with the performance of local storage that users are …

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