Strategies And Tactics For Managing Permanent Data Storage

Last month, George Crump from Storage Switzerland, writing in the Information Week blog discussed the benefits of a strategy of retaining data permanently (as opposed to removing it when it ceases to have known utility for the business).  The points raised are of particular significance to DAM solutions and there are often lively discussions about how much data it is advisable to retain in systems that are typically archival oriented:

Each day a seemingly new regulation is being placed on businesses and almost every one of these regulations adds to the data management burden in the data center. In the past I have advised against the keep it all forever mentality of data retention but now it may just be the only way left to protect the business.” [Read More]

From a personal perspective, I would have to agree with George that retaining all data is the most risk averse strategy for any business information system – especially Digital Asset Management.  Even if users assert that they want an asset to be “gone forever”, what they really mean is “I don’t wish to see it any longer until I decide I need it again”.

The articles discusses some practical methods for achieving permanent data storage such as using cloud based solutions for scalability, LTO tape and also file virtualisation.  There is a follow up article also: “Containing The Cost Of Keeping Data Forever – Capacity“.

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