Becoming “Litigation Ready” By Proactively In-Sourcing eDiscovery

The ZyLab blog features an article on becoming “litigation ready” using eDiscovery tools and techniques.  The basic premise of the post is that it is better to be proactive about potential litigation threats by having brining your eDiscovery process in-house.  The author recommends marshalling all your data across email, SharePoint, file servers, backups, enterprise applications (e.g. ERP), Cloud services and other devices like phones, mobile and offline storage like memory sticks and DVDs.  Also, having solid plans executed and audited internally is preferable to outsourcing the process:

Becoming Litigation Ready and bringing eDiscovery in-house is a profitable and worthwhile initiative, but one which requires careful implementation, quality control, auditing and a clear understand of how your eDiscovery technology works. If you bring eDiscovery in-house yet you handle it improperly, your ultimate costs can be significantly more than what you would have paid to outsource the work.” [Read More]

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