Document Management Disasters Of 2010

The Digital Landfill blog describes what they call “Great moments in Document Management” for 2010.  These might be great for DM solution vendors and consultants looking for case studies to demonstrate to prospective clients the risks of failing to manage documents and records properly, but they aren’t what you would call ‘success stories’.  Here’s an example from the US National Archives:

A Government Accountability Office (GAO) audit completed in October shows that nearly 80% of government agencies are at risk of illegally destroying public records and that there are hefty volumes of records needing preservation and care before they are permanently lost or damaged.  Prompted by the loss of the Wright brothers’ original patent, as well as maps for atomic bomb missions in Japan, the GAO report finds some of the nation’s prized historical documents are in danger of being lost forever, including Civil War telegrams from Abraham Lincoln, Eli Whitney’s cotton gin patent, and some NASA photographs on the moon. The report was obtained this month by the Associated Press and found many U.S. agencies do not follow proper procedures for disposing and storing public records.” [Read More]

The above is taken from the site.

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