Incorporating Legacy Data Cleansing Into An Information Management Strategy

Johannes Scholtes writing on the Zylab blog has an article on managing legacy information where he outlines some risks and opportunities for organisations that have not yet considered a strategy for dealing with it:

  • eDiscovery costs and risks will be much higher.
  • Better Early Case Assessment (ECA) is only possible if you know what information sources you have and what is in there.
  • Costs of splitting information by division or topic (e.g. in the event of a de-merger or acquisition of a division).
  • Savings in storage and backup costs.
  • The  opportunity to implement Knowledge Management.

Governments and many organizations that operate in regulated industries such as the pharmaceutical, airplane maintenance and financial industries have implemented records management policies to help achieve compliance with various regulations and governance requirements. Sometimes these records management initiatives address all information that is created in such an organization, but often it only covers a portion. This leaves a considerable amount of risk on the table. In addition, as Gartner’s Debra Logan stated, in many other organizations, everybody is responsible for their own records management, which more or less results in the fact that nobody does it.” [Read More]

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