Choosing A Scanner

John Kaiser writing on the Digital Landfill blog considers 8 factors to think about when choosing a scanner:

  1. Scan Speed and Duty Cycle.
  2. Flatbed or Auto Feeder?
  3. Resolution.
  4. Ability to Sort Documents.
  5. Image Enhancement Features.
  6. Imprinter and Imprint Checking.
  7. Consumables and Maintenance.
  8. Colour capabilities.

While creating an Information Management Strategy, you need to determine the most important piece to getting your documents digitized and that is the scanner. There are many choices on the market ranging from low end, 25 pages per minute and up desktop scanners to production scanners that will perform at 100 pages per minute and up. Almost all have duplex scanning to scan both sides of a document.” [Read More]

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