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London DAM Meetup (which I am a member of) are holding a meetup at the end of the first day of Henry Stewart EU conference.  Those members of the group who are are unable to attend the conference itself can participate at the end during the ‘sponsored drink’ session:

Henry Stewart, who are hosting DAM EU 2018 later this month from 28th – 29th June have agreed to allow those members of the London DAM meetup who are not attending the conference to come along to the ‘sponsored drinks’ at 5.30pm on Thursday 28th. The conference venue is the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, 22 Portman Square, London W1H 7BG.” [Read More]


W3C Digital Asset Management Ontology Community Group Call, 5th June 10am ET

June 4, 2018 Industry Events

The W3C Digital Asset Management Ontology Group (chaired by Aaron Bradley, Emily Kolvitz, Matthew Patulski and Spencer Harris) has a conference call tomorrow (5th June) at 10am ET.  The call is accessible via  The group was started last year and its purpose is discuss, create and maintain extensions to related to the Digital Asset Management Industry.  There […]

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Why The Value Of Content Services Is Diminished Without Interoperability Standards

June 1, 2018 Opinion

Over the last year or so, I have been reading a number of articles about Content Services, a term allegedly coined by analysts Gartner (although I have my doubts as to its true provenance).  A few weeks ago, I discussed Magan Arthur’s article about Business Object Management where it was also referenced. On a linguistic  […]

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China – A Major Untapped Opportunity For DAM?

May 25, 2018 Opinion

Yaochong Chen who is currently a student on the DAM post-graduate (MA) course at King’s College in London has written an article about the lack of DAM software platforms in China: “Paradoxically, although many DAM Chinese scholars like me are passionate about bringing these amazing ideas into Chinese technology-intensive market and looking forward to massive […]

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Does The Beginning Of Business Object Management Signal The End Of DAM And ECM?

May 18, 2018 Opinion

ECM and DAM commentator, Magan Arthur has recently written an article which he has titled: The End of Digital Content Management and the Need for Business Object Management.  I don’t necessarily agree with all of it, however, I do concur with a great deal of what he says.  It is a very well written piece […]

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DAM Industry Supply Chain Consortium Launched

May 3, 2018 Industry News

Today, we are launching an industry consortium to research and discuss the role of Digital Asset Supply Chains with a view to deriving both some standards and technology that can be applied to make the theories explored become a reality.  Digital Asset Supply Chain (DASC) projects have become increasingly prevalent due to the intersection of […]

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De-Constructing And Re-Architecting The DAM Software Industry: Devising A More Sustainable And Innovative Approach

April 30, 2018 Opinion

Earlier this month, I wrote an article describing how I believe the DAM software business is sleepwalking into a subservient integrator/channel partner model which will have undesirable consequences for innovation (and therefore the sustainability) of this technology sector.  At the end of that piece, I said I would write a follow-up item with some solutions.  […]

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DAM Apocalypse – Brandfolder Integration Swells The Horde

April 27, 2018 Vendors

A genre that’s become as tenacious as its undead agitators, the zombie movie has been with us for over half a century now.  In comparison, innovation within the DAM sector appears to have already reached the rigor mortis stage and the whiff of decomposing imagination is beginning to wrinkle the noses of those seeking a […]

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File-Sharing Versus DAM: A Narrowing Of Widen’s Vision?

April 24, 2018 Vendors

Nora Gehin, from Digital Asset Management vendor Widen has recently published an article pitting file-sharing platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive against dedicated DAM systems.  It’s an argument that – aside from being overcooked – consistently manages to over-simplify the comparison and fails to identify the core underlying differences between the two platforms. Firstly, […]

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The Implications Of DAM Software’s Gradual Transition Into A Channel Partner/Integrator Business Model

April 10, 2018 Opinion

I have written a feature article for DAM News about the risks (as I see them) to the financial stability and long-term survival of the DAM software market based on a number of trends I have seen gradually emerging largely as a result of the use of cloud technology.  I need to make is clear […]

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Aprimo Presents New Tools For Content Marketing, Creatives And DAM

March 27, 2018 Vendors

Marketing and asset management outfit Aprimo have recently announced a couple of innovations for content marketers and creatives: a rather unimaginatively named ideation tool called ‘Idea Lab’, and the Article Editor, which ‘enables content marketers to support text-based content along with rich media content in one single, easy-to-use interface’. Aprimo’s opening claim that they are […]

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