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Henry Stewart DAM New York, May 2nd – 3rd, 2019

by Charles Russell on December 7, 2018

May 2019 sees the return of the Henry Stewart DAM New York conference, ‘The Art & Practice of Managing Digital Media’.  Hailed as the world’s largest dedicated Digital Asset Management event, the event promises over 100 speakers, across more than 60 sessions, covering every aspect of the DAM landscape, all from the user’s perspective.  Henry Stewart have provided us with the discount code: DAMGURU100 to get a $100 reduction on the ticket price.


At the time of publication, the following sessions have been confirmed, although the list is not definitive.

  • How to Select the Right DAM
  • PIM and DAM integration: connecting your assets and the data about your products
  • Benchmarking your DAM effectiveness
  • Metadata and Taxonomies: You Don’t Have to Start from Scratch
  • Real world case studies from Condé Nast, The American Museum of Natural History, HBO and more…
  • DAM and Your CX/MarTech Stack
  • The Art of the DAM: User Centric Approaches to Building a Fashion DAM
  • Global Localization: How do we optimize our DAMs to provide localized service so as to better serve audiences in the US and abroad?
  • Machine Learning, AI and DAM
  • Technical Experts Address your Really Tough Tech Questions
  • DAM Solutions For Packaging Design
  • The Rise of Video Assets: Moving Beyond the Corporate YouTube
  • Making the Business Case for DAM: Getting Buy-in from Sr. Management
  • The Continuing Evolution of DAMs in the Non-Profit Sector
  • Metadata Matters – because when it comes to content, it’s everything you have…
  • Where DAM and Rights Intersect
  • Master Data Management and What it Means for DAM

For those that have previously attended, a number of these sessions will be familiar, such as ‘Metadata Matters’ and ’Master Data Management’, whilst those new to the event can get a flavour of the content and style of the conference by taking a look at the 2018 agenda.

Other sessions and speakers that are back by popular demand include:

  • The DAM Clinic, where you can discuss your biggest DAM problems
  • An extended Metadata and Taxonomy track
  • A full day focusing on the DAM User Journey, which aims to take participants from selection and implementation through to benchmarking and optimisation

As yet, I can’t see any mention of sessions or clinics that deal with blockchain and DAM integration, but it’s early days still and these topics may yet be addressed.  One noticeable track missing this time round is last year’s ‘TechLab’ – a series of case studies and presentations by leading solution providers, DAM vendors and industry names such as Adobe, Black & Decker and MediaValet, although again, this may still be in the pipeline or adopting a different format for the upcoming conference.

Popularity and Upsell Prevalence

As with most popular and well-publicised events, there’s always the risk that their attractiveness to vendors – who understandably see it as an opportunity to generate sales leads – might negatively impact the experience of regular attendees, who are there to gain more technical and operational insights, if the number of salespeople is too great or their tactics less than discreet.  A recent article by my co-contributor Ralph Windsor also touched upon this after garnering some responses from visitors to the IEN conference earlier this year, an alternative which is scheduled to occur again this coming January.

“It is interesting to contrast the feedback about IEN with Henry Stewart events (which are obviously more widely known about within the DAM market). Due to work pressures, I am not usually a regular visitor to their exhibitions (something I am planning to change this year) but the perception that I have from those who discuss them with me privately is that they sometimes feel like there are a few too many sales people circling around the place ‘like sharks looking for prey’.  [Read More]

Ralph also examines feedback concerning the possible distraction of ‘rock star’ keynotes, yet notes that a balanced view must be maintained as a certain level of commercial presence is par for the course.

“One option which I have heard suggested to limit the risk of these turning into DAM software sales conventions is to require vendors to be exhibitors in order to attend as I gather a few firms will send one or two staff as a cheaper alternative to having a stand…Further, these events cost a lot of money to put on and the people who organise them are commercial entities, like any other…With all that said, Henry Stewart might want to consider some of the feedback and comments made about the IEN events by DAM Guru members and think about what lessons they could learn from them. While competition for attendees might not be entirely welcome, it does provide them an opportunity to re-evaluate their offer and enhance it. As is the case with DAM software solutions, the biggest risk for them is people not bothering to go to any of the conferences because they think they are all a waste of time and money, rather than that they might pick one option over another.”  [Read More]


The current list of speakers for the 2019 conference can be viewed here and features a broad range of DAM specialists, consultants and representatives from businesses including Amazon, Dell, Hilton, Nike, and Stryker.  A number of speakers are also making a repeat appearance from previous years’ events.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

At the time of writing, the list of sponsors is as follows:

  • Adobe
  • Tenevos
  • OpenText
  • InMedia
  • Chili Publish
  • Visual SKUs
  • Widen
  • Brandworkz
  • GlobalEdit


The upcoming event also sees the return of the pre-event tutorials.

“Our pre-event tutorials are a chance to gain in-depth knowledge in an intimate, workshop style environment. We keep group sizes small to ensure that the experience is as intensive and rewarding as possible. Tutorials last for 3 hours, and are an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in DAM before the conference kicks off.” [Read More]

The subjects covered appear to be the same as last year’s:

  • DAM Leadership – Achieving Growth & Establishing Leadership
  • Advanced Concepts in DAM: The Technology & Enterprise Touchpoints In-Depth
  • Fundamentals of Metadata for DAM Professionals
  • Taxonomy and Advanced Metadata for DAM
  • Fundamentals of DAM: An Introduction to the Technology and Practice
  • Engineering the Creative Workflow

All tutorials are scheduled to take place on Wednesday 1st May.


Full pricing and booking details can be viewed at the link below, with discounts available for not-for-profit organisations, early-bird (before January 1st) and group bookings, use the DAMGURU100 discount code for an additional $100 reduction.  Standard, non-discounted fees for a two day pass begin at $1399.  Tutorials incur additional fees and begin at $499.

Additional Information

Date: May 2nd – May 3rd 2019

Location: New York Hilton Midtown Hotel, 1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York, US 10019

Discount code: DAMGURU100


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