Featured Job – Digital Asset Manager, Weber – 19th July 2024

This week’s featured opportunity is for a Digital Asset Manager with long-established American manufacturer of charcoal, gas and electric outdoor grills, Weber Inc.  Operating out of the company’s headquarters in Palatine, Illinois, successful candidates are expected to have at least 7 years’ experience working with DAM systems, plus a bachelor’s …

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Feature Article: The AI Revolution in Digital Asset Management: Promise vs. Reality

Paul Melcher, Founder of Melcher System Consulting and online visual technology magazine Kaptur, has recently contributed a feature article exploring the disparity between Artificial Intelligence hype and the level of real-world implementation within DAM systems.  Paul highlights how findings from a recent study by Santa Cruz Software suggest that …

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Featured Job – GMP Representative – MediaValet, Universal Studios – 12th July 2024

This week’s highlighted position is for a MediaValet DAM Representative for American entertainment company Universal Studios.  Focusing on developing and implementing a governance strategy for the Global Marketing Platform team, the successful candidate is expected to have at least three years’ experience working with a DAM or MAM system, with …

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