Annoying ECM Marketing Jargon #ecmbanned

John Mancini writing on The Digital Landfill blog is collecting a range of annoying ECM marketing jargon.  This is a follow up to his earlier coverage of 18 words or phrases that should be banned from marketing, sales, corporate communications featured in the book Content Rules by Ann Hadley and C.C. Chapman.

Some of the choice examples include:

  • Synergy
  • Revolutionary
  • Drill down
  • Almost any word rooted in technology but applied to humans (e.g.,ping, bandwidth, offline)
  • Previously good but now overused words (e.g., robust, granular, strategic, traction)
  • Mashed together words (e.g., buy-in, mission-critical, best-of-breed)
  • Silly phrases (e.g., “run it up the flagpole,” “eat our own dog food,” “out of pocket”)
  • Offensive combo phrases (e.g., “brand Nazi,” “drinking the kool-aid”)

The early reports are in on terms and jargon in the ECM marketing space that annoy people per my earlier blog post on Per Content Rules, 18 words that should banned – and what #ECM marketing terms do you think should be banned?” [Read More]

Sorry, John, but I would also want to include appending “space” on the end of any subject  to that list too!  You can tweet your own suggestions using the hashtag #ecmbanned

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