Enterprise Discontent With Current DAM Solutions And The Impending Future Of Digital Asset Management

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This feature article has been written by Ralph Windsor, editor of DAM News.


In the last year, there have been subtle but potentially significant changes to the positioning of some participants in the DAM market.  A number of those on the sell-side, especially those in the enterprise segment have started to refer to their products or services using the term ‘content’.  

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  • Hi Ralph,

    Great article and some very interesting points.

    Would many of your points/concerns about the current state of digital asset management apply to video I particular?
    Although there has been a lot of progress in solutions for content creation and delivery (streaming, etc.), video remains itself difficult to search. There are few effective tools for creating summary clips or helping people find relevant content.

    Given the growth in content, would such functionality provide value?

  • Yes, they would apply to video also, I don’t think the media type (in the case of content-oriented digital assets) makes a huge amount of difference.

    On the value question, probably, but I couldn’t give a generic answer. It’s less about whether or not a given type of digital asset would provide value. That depends on the intended users and whether they would find video of value (so it’s context dependent). This article is more about how solutions are implemented and the digital asset supply chains necessary to support that process.

  • I think the frustration and “dead-end” represented here about the DAM market is simply due to the lack of understanding of the limitation of taxonomies and meta-data as well as the wide spread confusion between files and assets.

    Taxonomies are jails for assets as very well explained in the article and without the concept of semantic relationship a DAM is a really boring piece of software that very quickly becomes more an impediment.

    The future of the DAM market is semantic: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/from-dam-sam-stephane-klein

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