Streamline Marketing Campaigns with Off-the-Shelf DAM Solutions

This article has been provided by By Mark Hilton, CEO of Santa Cruz Software.


In today’s digital era, visual and multimedia content can make or break a company’s online reputation. The advent of Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems at most enterprises gives non-designers direct access to high-quality, on-brand collateral that is approved for distribution. However, if the collateral needs editing, then it often needs to be added to the queue of projects for the design team, delaying distribution by days or even weeks. Often these edits are small, and require little design expertise. However, enterprises have entrusted designers to maintain brand compliance, not the marketing or sales teams.

This put a spotlight on an age-old challenge: the intimidating and inefficient process non-designers face when trying to create or modify marketing collateral.

The Problem

Across the modern business landscape, employees company-wide are grappling with the cumbersome task of integrating specialized design software for creating or editing marketing materials. This roadblock significantly hampers productivity, delays timelines and can even lead to off-brand materials that damage a company’s reputation.

The challenge is universal. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small start-up or a global corporation; the need to quickly and accurately produce sales collateral or marketing materials is vital. Yet for non-creative employees, this is often a convoluted, time-consuming process fraught with pitfalls.

A recent study commissioned by Santa Cruz Software involving over 200 sales professionals paints a telling picture: Nearly 90% stated that access to branded, easily customizable sales materials would make their jobs easier. The current process is simply not user-friendly for those without a design background, leading to widespread frustration and inefficiency.

Enterprises need a solution that takes efficiency to the next level by directly integrating into existing DAM systems. A solution with DAM integration could empower anyone in an organization to create self-serving content customizations, whether it’s an email, social media post or other types of campaigns.

The Potential Solution

What if there were a turnkey hosted solution a client could subscribe to that allowed teams to plan, execute and distribute cross-media marketing collateral and campaigns globally while staying brand compliant and came integrated with the client’s DAM? Imagine a scenario where the design team creates professional brand-compliant templates, setting certain elements as locked and others as unlocked or editable. This solution could then equip non-designer teammates like sales and marketing teams to customize and build brand-compliant materials fast. By integrating with DAM systems, the solution could provide effortless, brand-compliant access and modification of marketing assets.

By making brand-compliant design easy-to-use and accessible to all, it invites innovation and unlocks further use cases. Design teams can reduce their time spent making small edits and focus more time on creating new well-designed materials. The future of collaboration across teams with a tool integrated with DAMs, paving the way for more efficient and user-friendly digital asset management.

Indeed, by addressing the pressing problem of non-designers’ intimidation and inefficiency in editing sales collateral, this solution could open new horizons for creativity and growth in the digital age.  It’s not just about managing assets; it’s about harnessing their potential to drive growth and innovation.

About Mark Hilton

Mark Hilton is the CEO and Founder of Santa Cruz Software – a US company offering a suite of tools to connect Adobe and Microsoft applications to DAM systems and cloud storage services, including BrandingUI, which enables design teams to easily create plug-and-play templates for globally scalable marketing campaigns.

You can connect with Mark via his LinkedIn profile.

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