DAM And Collections Management Convergence

DAM News contributor, Ralph Windsor has written this special feature on DAM and Collections Management Convergence.  He has referenced an article written by Theresa Regli from Real Story Group and analysed  her points with reference to some of his own implementation experiences.  He looks at five related topics:

  • Metadata Objects And Data Model Complexity
  • Migrating Legacy CMS Applications
  • CMS Workflow And The Significance Of The Terminology Used
  • DAM & Collections Management Convergence Checklist
  • Preservation Initiatives And DAM Values Chains

As Theresa says, these legacy systems are often the bane of curator’s lives, however, a number I’ve met have also developed a specialised form of what you might call ‘Software Stockholm Syndrome’ in terms of their relationship with them. Despite a legacy application’s glacial performance and contemptuous user interface, some staff may have grown attached to it and any replacement needs to replicate every last detail of the available functionality before they will even countenance the idea of giving it up – and even then it will be with intense suspicion.” [Read More]

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