SharePoint Content Clean Up & Migration Webinar: 8th December 2010, 1PM ET

Earley Associates are hosting a free webinar on SharePoint Content Clean Up & Migration on 8th December 2010 at 1pm (ET).  Speakers include John Bellegarde from Active Navigation and Seth Maslin of Earley Associates: The webinar will cover SharePoint migration topics such as:

  • How to eliminate the ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial) in legacy content.
  • Identifying compliance issues prior to migration to reduce the risks.
  • Generate SharePoint taxonomies, metadata and content types from unstructured content.
  • Migrate metadata enriched content into SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint has achieved tremendous market momentum with organizations leveraging SharePoint as a governable alternative to unstructured file servers or legacy ECM solutions.¬† Unless the unmanaged repositories are cleaned and useful taxonomies generated, the chaos will just be migrated to SharePoint 2010.” [Read More]

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