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Myths About Taxonomy And SharePoint

by Naresh Sarwan on October 25, 2011

Jeff Carr, writing on the Earley & Associates Blog discusses 5 commonly held misconceptions about taxonomies and SharePoint:

  • The store management tool is not really a substitute for true taxonomy management
  • Taxonomy is an “IT Problem”
  • Library personnel are best placed to design SharePoint taxonomies
  • SharePoint taxonomies need to be highly granular and over-burdened with level detail
  • Taxonomies managed using the term store can be used everywhere

Many organizations are finding that leveraging the full suite of capabilities SharePoint offers requires introduction of a new requirement – that of dealing with, managing and exploiting taxonomies.  Of course taxonomies are not new, but there is some confusion about where managed metadata services and the term store end and true taxonomy management begins.  There are also some misconceptions about the process of deriving and applying taxonomies in SharePoint.  The following are five areas of confusion that we have seen in our engagements and research.” [Read More]


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SharePoint Energy October 26, 2011 at 3:52 am

An interesting article, it’s surprising but some of them are quite common

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