SharePoint 2013 Overview and Introduction: 4th December 2012, Reading (UK)

ICS Solutions are offering seminars on the new SharePoint 2013 edition next month.  The events are being held on 4th December 2012 at Microsoft’s offices in Reading (United Kingdom)

We’ll explore the features and benefits of the platform through in-depth discussions, demonstrations and usage scenarios. We’ll help you plan the journey and decisions you’ll need to make when adopting SharePoint 2013 in your business. You’ll also see live demonstrations and be able to discuss your specific requirements with guest speakers from the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 team.” [Read More]

A number of DAM solutions have now integrated with SharePoint either using connectors or in some cases by extending that platform itself to provide DAM-like capabilities.  I would have to note the former seem to be more successful and SharePoint still isn’t really satisfactory to compete with a pure DAM, but this is a ‘beauty in the eye of the beholder’ proposition and one has to wonder whether or not soon it will be good enough for many users (or at least they will run out of plausible arguments to avoid using it).

The new SharePoint release seems relatively like it focuses a lot on a fairly abstract feature-set which is targeted at giving third parties options to extend the platform so MS don’t have to do it themselves and is (predictably) cloud oriented, along with a number of their other recent product releases like SQL Server 2012.  Even if you do’t care too much for Microsoft, those with an interest in DAM (either as providers or users) would be well advised to keep abreast of this subject.  If nothing else because SharePoint is the platform many IT managers are likely to point to when a DAM system is proposed by end users.

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