Managed Metadata Services With SharePoint 2010

Chris McNulty from Knowledge Management Associates describes 9 rules for making effective use of Managed Metadata Services (MMS).  This is SharePoint 2010’s method for improving the consistency of tagging and metadata schemas across an enterprise implementation of SharePoint 2010.  These are taken from Chris’s book:  Sharepoint 2010 Consultant’s Handbook.

Here is rule #3 – Use Defaults:

How do you get users to enter tags in the first place?  Great question.  One of the simplest new features in 2010 allows us to specify default values for tags.  For example, in smaller organizations, you may not have a full-blown enterprise project management solution, but you might set up a series of team sites for each project – each with its own library.  If you define a term set for your list of projects, you can make each project’s tag a default value on all documents for that project’s document library – and make the tag available throughout the organization.  That way, the tag profile and searches for that project tag will always show you the project team site documents plus all the other documents tagged that way around the site – even if they are part of “Finance”, “Marketing”, or “IT.” ” [Read More]

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  • Thank you Naresh for writing such an informative post. I have been trying to get this book of Chris McNulty but not able to find yet. Now your post has increased my eagerness to read this book.

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