Digital Asset Supply Chain Management for Marketers Free Webinar Series: Integrating DAM Across The Enterprise And Beyond – 24th September 2019

Starting on Tuesday 24th September and running for six weekly sessions until Tuesday 29th October, I will be presenting an educational webinar tutorial series: Digital Asset Supply Chain Management for Marketers Integrating DAM Across The Enterprise And Beyond.

While the core principles and conventions of Digital Asset Management have changed comparatively little over the last decade or more, the context within which DAM technology is used has been transformed significantly. The driving force behind this paradigm shift is the concept of the Digital Asset Supply Chain, particularly as it relates to the origination and distribution of marketing content across different digital channels.” [Read More]

Digital Asset Supply Chain Management has become the hot topic of the last few years.  While the DAM industry has substantially failed to innovate, the range of partner solutions which DAM systems need to integrate with (and the digital channels they are associated with) has expanded at an exponential rate.  Near enough all of the DAM consulting work I now do for clients revolves around designing, implementing and managing the logistical flows of digital assets into and out of organisations.

Many of the same issues encountered in more conventional supply chains also present themselves in their digital asset counterparts.  Further, core DAM concepts like metadata become even more crucial when digital assets need to be distributed and re-used across a multitude of marketing channels.  Many marketing-oriented DAM users are quickly able to grasp the relevance of these ideas, however, what they lack is some clear, concise and practically-oriented guidance on how to apply them to their own unique situation.  This webinar series should help fulfil that need.

The weekly sessions are as follows:

  1. What is your Digital Asset Supply Chain and How Does It Relate to Marketing ROI?
  2. The Marketing Digital Asset Lifecycle
  3. Integrating DAM with Marketing Technologies and the role of Digital Asset Metadata
  4. Continuous Improvement Of Your Digital Asset Supply Chain
  5. Digital Asset Supply Chain Technology & Scalability Considerations
  6. AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain: Their Relevance For Digital Asset Supply Chains

These will be free of charge for DAM users, however, consultants and vendors will be required to pay a fee of $299.  There will be a limit of 30 places on the course (with a maximum of ten vendor or consultant delegates).  As an incentive to sign-up, the first seven registrants will receive either a free one hour consultation with myself or $50 off for non-DAM users.

More details are available here:

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