White Paper – Measuring DAM Success

Measure DAM Success

Last week, DAM vendor, Wedia, published a white paper I wrote for them on the topic of measuring DAM ROI and the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that Digital Asset Management users need to watch and analyse in order to optimise their DAM initiatives.   The paper, Measuring DAM Success, is quite in-depth, but not an arduous read and covers these subjects:

  • Understanding the Value of KPIs in DAM
  • Identifying Critical KPIs for DAM Success
  • Demonstrating ROI to Stakeholders
  • Balancing Costs with Long-Term Benefits
  • Understanding Cost and Revenue Drivers
  • Evaluating Your Current DAM

The third point seems to be a perennial issue with DAM.  For over a decade, I have been reminding people that using over-simplistic calculations to demonstrate ROI is a fallacy and more likely to get a business case for investing in a DAM rejected, especially where the senior managers who will make the final call are quite financially savvy.  In the paper, I present an alternative approach which is more realistic and, therefore, more likely to be accepted as legitimate by prospective clients:

Rather than using quantitative methods to prove ROI, a superior technique is to present senior management with the extent of issues that an organisation faces before a DAM initiative has been implemented.  Invite them to consider how much this might all be costing the business now rather than making up numerical cases which can be easily dismissed. What’s more, one of the major benefits of having a DAM is that simply having one provides the opportunity to collect some hard operational data in order to optimise processes in the future.” [Read More]

The paper requires registration to download, but the information requested is not particularly extensive.  You can request a copy from Wedia here.


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