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Maximising ROI From Your 2014 DAM Budget

by Nick Brookes on January 3, 2014

DAM News contributing editor, Ralph Windsor, has kicked off 2014 for us with a DAM News feature article on ROI.  Last year we criticised many in the DAM industry for producing flawed infographics about this subject.  To offer readers an alternative, Ralph has written an educational article where he outlines what he calls an empirical method towards assessing DAM ROI:

I have an alternative approach which might not offer as many opportunities for colourful graphics, but which uses empirical evidence based on the unique characteristics of each individual organisation where Digital Asset Management is being actively considered. Using a case-by-case analytical evaluation technique rather than some mythical ‘averages’ it is possible to more efficiently assess ROI and use the data obtained to optimise it once implementation has commenced. My contention is that this places ROI at the centre of DAM implementation decisions, rather than being a marketing or PR exercise that is forgotten about once contracts are signed.” [Read More]


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