Interview with Sébastien Levy from Wedia

The latest participant in our DAM News Interviews series is Sébastien Levy, Managing Director of French DAM solution provider Wedia, where he has worked in numerous roles from Sales Account Manager through to COO.  Sébastien has an impressive track record in digital sales and marketing management, and his previous experience working within the news and media sectors has given him unique insights into DAM operations and how they fit into the modern software ecosystem.  He has been a key individual in the design, development and delivery of the Wedia platform.

DAM editors are becoming more and more professional, meaning we are now able to propose performance SLAs (Service Level Agreement), that go into great amounts of detail. The DAM that was used a lot for archiving purposes 10-15 years ago is now mostly a central piece of the marketing organization. It is increasingly integrated into the rest of the MarTech stack. We see more customers using our DAM through its API (Application Programming Interface), I believe it’s likely some of them will use microservices more in the future, and build their own processes on top of the DAM.”  [Read More]

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