Interview with Tim Hood from Hyland

The latest individual to participate in our DAM News Interviews series is Tim Hood, Vice President of EMEA & APAC at Hyland Software, business technology solutions provider and developers of the Nuxeo DAM platform.  Beginning in sales, Tim’s career moved into strategy and leadership roles and he has been in his current position at Hyland for over 12 years.  Tim’s experience covers digital product strategy and integration, and his insights on the challenges of developing enterprise-level solutions in a rapidly changing technological landscape focus on education and user adoption.

DAM is an important component of any digital product strategy, integrating with web content management systems and product information management systems. This combination forms a comprehensive network that spans the entire journey, from product inception to market launch and beyond. Any organisation handling substantial product portfolios, or extensive collections of marketing assets, can benefit from a DAM system.”  [Read More]

You can view Tim’s full interview here:

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