The Keys To Findability

“Findability”  – how easily relevant content can be located by employees has become a hot topic across a whole spectrum of Content Management technologies (including DAM).  This Digital Landfill blog article by Dan Gilroy of RDA Corporation discusses 8 of the key issues associated with optimising findability:

  • Multi-format capability: the ability to locate content across both current and legacy file types.
  • Unified interfaces: the ability to search and find content across multiple systems without expecting users to manually integrate content and search data themselves.
  • Content categorisation and metadata schemas: having content marked up in a way that enables users to extract meaning and context from it.
  • Close match searching: compensating for user errors such as spelling mistakes.
  • Synonyms: using alternative terminology to cross reference the correct description
  • Relevancy: identifying the context of what users are searching for and modifying the results accordingly
  • Security: integrating findability requirements with the need to protect sensitive enterprise data.
  • Effective search experience: an intuitive and easy to use search facility that does not intimidate users.

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