Risks of Managing Licensed Content For Enterprises

On the Digital Landfill blog, David Seuss of Northern Light discusses 8 risks of managing licensed content across an larger enterprise organisation.   The risks are:

  1. Cumbersome and complex research environment
  2. Employees miss relevant content when performing research
  3. Unauthorised employees gain access to the content
  4. Financial exposure related to unauthorised access
  5. Lack of advanced search tools
  6. Not being able to find internal experts and collaboration partners
  7. Failure to be notified about relevant content held in multiple repositories (alerts)
  8. Multiple purchases of the same content

David draws specific attention to the use of market research data as content, however, many could apply equally to other digital assets that might be held inside a DAM system:

One way all these potential pitfalls can be addressed effectively is by deploying an enterprise-wide strategic research portal that provides a single online place for employees to go to search and access (within license limitations) all of an organization’s research resources. While third-party content aggregation, indexing, security and management; integrated search; text analytics with meaning extraction, alerting, and user collaboration are individually and collectively complex, they are eminently doable.” [Read More]

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