Content Analytics Engines To Replace Simple Search

A recent survey conducted by the leading information management research organisation AIIM has revealed that businesses could derive far greater returns from content analysis tools than basic search tools.

“Over 70% of respondents in AIIM’s survey would find advanced content analysis functions “Extremely useful” or “Very useful.” They rate their current ability to “research” content for business insight, or to monitor desirable or undesirable activity as 3 to 6 times less than their ability to simply “search” across different content types. Relatively new as a recognized toolset, content analytics tools provide trend analysis, content assessment, pattern recognition and exception detection. Applications include fraud detection in claims or loan applications, pattern detection in inspection reports, detecting unauthorized use of copyright material, analysis of healthcare records against other citizen databases, automatic redaction (blanking out) of sensitive information, and sentiment analysis in customer correspondence or social media sites” [Read More]

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