Embracing Enterprise Search: Best Practices For Better Solutions

Bert Sandie Director of Technical Excellence at Electronic Arts, writing on the AIIM community Enterprise 2.0 blog discusses options for enterprises that wish to invest in an Enterprise Search facility for locating critical information stored anywhere in the business:

Companies from small start-ups to the mega corporations all encounter the day when they need to find critical internal information at the drop of a hat. This has led to the rise of companies investing in enterprise search solutions to help them more quickly and accurately find the information their employees need to be productive and drive a competitive business advantage.” [Read More]

He outlines the most common desirable requirements of speed, relevancy and rapid indexing and proceeds by describing the factors that have made Enterprise Search more complex to implement effectively over recent years, including:

  • The amount (volume) of data held by businesses.
  • The proliferation of content types (including video, images and other more obscure binary formats as well as text/documents).
  • Speed: user’s expectations are that results will be delivered instantaneously.
  • Security: the search results are safe and will not leak out of the corporate firewall.
  • Access controls: the information must be precisely controlled according to the user’s level of privileges.

Bert continues by recommending some techniques to assist corporations get the most from Enterprise Search and also gives some best practice tips.

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