Blockchains For Content DAM: From Myth To Reality

On our features section, I have written article: Blockchain And Content DAM: Myth, Reality And Practical Applications.

Recently, I have read a few articles which make some critical remarks about blockchain for DAM.  There are some reasonable points advanced, however, there are also misunderstandings and myths about what blockchains are and how they might be applied to Content DAM.  In fairness, there is an even greater amount of hyperbole, overblown expectations and misunderstandings from the supporters of this technology also.  In this piece, I am going to try to present a balanced case as to why blockchains will be relevant for Content DAM, but from a more practical, implementation-oriented perspective as I have yet to read much that explains that side in any depth.  Some of this article is technical in-nature, but I would expect most readers to be able to grasp the basic points, irrespective of their background.” [Read More]

I cover the myths in some depth, but also discuss the wider context of Digital Asset Supply Chains.  The majority of the assignments that clients ask me to consult on now are digital asset supply chain-oriented and while it is great to see these ideas being adopted (after many years of advocating this approach) as ever with IT issues, practical implementation issues could hold back progress.

I have read a lot of articles, tweets and other comment by various people in DAM who don’t understand the application of blockchains to DAM, i.e. how they could be used to solve real-world digital asset supply chain problems.  In some cases this is because they just don’t wish to, in others (and I accept there might be a bit of overlap also) it is because insufficient or inadequate examples have been provided to illustrate how that might happen.  I hope this piece will address that.

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