Understanding Digital Asset Supply Chains

Earlier today, Smint.io have published an article I wrote with the title: What is the Digital Asset Supply Chain?   I am very grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to present this topic as it has become such an important subject which is now integral to the majority of implementation consulting work I carry out with clients:

Integration requirements are becoming a key component of many enterprise DAM initiatives because either the raw materials that are required for digital assets or the finished assets themselves need to be received from or sent to a multitude of different sources and destinations. In this article I am going to explain the theory behind Digital Asset Supply Chains and offer some guidance about how to apply this in practice.” [Read More]

I also discuss the relationship of Content Digital Asset Supply Chains to the concept of Enterprise Content Buying (which is effectively a sub-topic).  I can’t directly endorse Smint’s platform, however, the idea behind it is a really good one.  This is the kind of smart innovation we seek to encourage on DAM News and it is why I am giving them my wholehearted support.

This does also illustrate a point we have made for many years on DAM News that a lot of the genuine innovation activity is not happening with DAM system vendors themselves now, but the developers of the ancillary tools which may get used with them.  I suspect a lot of this has to do with a lack of resources on the part of vendors rather than an absence of intent.  That being the case, it also hints as to why it is now so essential for DAM vendors to foster strong and diverse partner networks so that other people can extend their solutions into functional areas that they either never envisaged or could not due to the aforementioned constraints.  Vendors that don’t do this will find it increasingly difficult to offer everything their clients are asking for.

Readers may also be interested in two other related resources: I will be presenting a webinar with Smint.io on Tuesday 28th January about Enterprise Content Buying .  Further, our six part Digital Asset Supply Chain educational course is now available to download as package.  This is free of charge for DAM users (a modest fee will be applied for vendors, consultants, investors and service providers).

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