The Role Of Microservices In Digital Asset Management

Martin Wilson, of Asset Bank has contributed a feature article to DAM News: How Microservices And Cloud Services Are Changing DAM.  In the item, Martin describes what Microservices are, their recent upsurge in popularity and how they are likely to change the DAM software landscape quite significantly:

Before long, the idea of buying a single DAM application will probably seem quaint. Instead, organisations will buy solutions that are plugged together to meet their exact needs, consisting of a number of microservices (DAM-related and otherwise) and multiple front-ends.” [Read More]

Longer term DAM News readers will note the proximity of DAM microservice architectures to the DAM Value Chain concept we discussed back in 2013 (a point noted in Martin’s article).  At the time that was written, we didn’t have tangible examples and it was, therefore, somewhat theoretical in nature.  Martin’s article is where the theory intersects with practical implementation.  In addition to his piece, Tim Strehle has also discussed microservices earlier this year.

To me, these developments are a case of consistent technology trends gradually playing out in a pattern that tends to repeat itself (and have done since the start of the industrial revolution).  After building a product, engineers (‘software developers’) try to expand the scope and depth of what they can put their creations to, everyone copies each other and finally there is self-imposed modularisation because it becomes impossible to fight feature wars on multiple fronts and customers (‘end users’) start to demand greater choice and flexibility so they can optimise solutions for their unique needs.

While nothing in life is inevitable, there are a few themes which have such a high probability of occurring that they might as well be.  This is one of them.

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